What Exactly is Stewardship?

What Exactly is Stewardship?

Stewardship Stewardship is a phrase we use often here at Hope of Glory Ministries. Many times this term can cause an extensive amount of questioning, leading one to first ask “What exactly is stewardship?” Simply put, stewardship refers to our practical obedience in...
What’s The Point?

What’s The Point?

What’s the point of the church? Universally, the church body worships together in spirit and in truth holding fast to the teachings passed down through scripture and seeking to live this out daily. Locally, believers should seek out ways to be closely involved in a smaller church body of people, seeking the Word of God and holiness together so that their lives reflect Jesus Christ alone.

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Donation Pickup Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in donating items to our Community Outlet and scheduling a pickup with us! We are happy to pick up all kinds of larger furniture items, provided they are in good condition, and cannot fit in a car. If you have only smaller items to donate, we ask that you drop those items off at the ministry. To inquire about a pickup, please send an email to donatehogm@gmail.com with all the information listed below:

  • List of items you want to donate, along with their condition.
  • Email photos of all items.

Based on photos, we will notify you if we can take the items or not, and able to move forward with scheduling a pickup. As always, our warehouse staff will have the final say once they arrive and assess the items.

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number

Friendly reminder… The following items are not accepted for donation:

Anything that has to be installed:
• Ceiling fans
• Under cabinet microwave
• In the counter dishwasher
• Light fixtures

• Used mattress & box spring
• Used pillows, including throw pillows
• Used comforters
• Hospital beds
• Sofa bed
• Fabric futon mattress

• Box TVs
• Box TV armoires/consoles
• Projection TVs
• Used computers/printers
• House paint/chemicals
• Pianos/organs
• Encyclopedias

If you should have any questions regarding the items on the list, please contact us.