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Designed to relieve financial burdens, teach biblical wisdom of work, money, wellness, and encouraged individuals towards a self-sufficient life in Christ.

From Emergency Services to Empowerment

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Community Co-op

The Community Co-op is a specialized food distribution program that provides grocery savings, education, mentoring and accountability to families seeking financial stability.  This innovative approach addresses root issues of poverty including generational poverty, government regulations, low wages, financial burdens, and lack of appropriate education.

Qualified families become formal members and commit to:

  1. Be mentored by community volunteers to establish achievable financial goals.
  2.  Shop in our co-op grocery store and receive a estimated value of $270/month in grocery savings.
  3.  Contribute sweat equity by volunteering in the food pantry each month.
  4.  Attend monthly nutrition and financial classes.
  5.  Redistribute saved money towards savings account and debt pay off.


Qualifications and Commitment

Do You Qualify?

  • Are you a resident of Pitt County?
  • Are you at least 18 years old (or have parent covering)?
  • Are you able to pay the monthly membership contribution (currently $50/month) to participate? Contribution is subject to change each year.

Are You Committed?

  • If qualified, do you agree to commit as a family unit, including spouse and children?
  • Will you participate in monthly mentor meetings, and education classes?
  • Will you commit your saved money towards established financial goals.

Co-op Membership:

What exactly is a membership?

A membership is defined as:

  • An accepted qualifying family unit which agrees to participate in all components of the co-op program for one year. (maximum of three consecutive years)
  • A family unit of at least one adult and could include at least one dependent who permanently reside together in the same household.

Failure to participate in all components will result in suspension of membership.  

Our Commitment to Co-op Members:

We, along with our supporters, are committed to equipping your family to flourish spiritually and financially through regular biblical teaching and financial accountability.

Other commitments include:

  • Access to non-perishable foods, produce, and toiletries with an estimated $270 grocery savings each month.
  • Specialized education through mentoring relationships and formal teaching.
  • Community accountability to help achieve desired financial goals.
Member Investment vs. Member Benefit

Member Investment:

Your membership investment includes:

  • Volunteer Hours
  • Education
  • Mentor Meetings
  • Financial Contributions


Member Benefits:

  • Grocery Savings
  • Education (nutrition & finance)
  • Mentoring
  • Additional Benefits:
    • Seasonal Clothing
    • Seasonal Benefits


Interested in Mentoring or Donating to the Community Co-op?

The success of our program comes through mentoring relationships between participants and our local community, financial gifts, and donations of food items. Do you have a passion for empowering people, financial management, or simply want to give of your resources? We would love to give you an opportunity to invest in individuals towards self-sufficient living!

We are trying to collect 10,000 food items. Download the PDF here to see how you can help. 

Become an Empowerment Sponsor


Cultivating the restoration of families, finances and futures through empowering education, mentoring relationships and grocery relief.


To transform families and generations who flourish spiritually and financially without the need for government or charity assistance.

Impact Data:

In Pitt County, 21.4% of families are at or below the federal poverty line, which is $25,715 for a household of 4.
The average household income of participants is $23,560.

  1. $69,525: Dollar relief alleviated by Hope of Glory through food distribution, clothing vouchers, and seasonal events.
  2. $57,761.00: Total dollar value redistributed by 36 families:
  • $19,433.00 placed into savings
  • $38,328.00 paid down on debts

The Why:

We believe all humans are created in the image and likeness of God, made to flourish. In our broken world, sin, hardships, and lack of knowledge cause this to become challenging and seemingly hopeless. Yet, in Christ we find all hope, which empowers the restoration of families, finances, and futures. With one quarter of Pitt County residents living at or below the poverty line, we shifted our method of food distribution by offering grocery savings, education, and mentoring relationships. Our work fosters families towards financial stability, family unity, and an established future.

The How:


The Community Co-op serves as a platform to relieve grocery costs, alleviating an estimated $270 each month for a family of four.

Community mentors are matched with families to equip them in how to redistribute money saved towards debts, an emergency fund or savings account. Nutrition and finance classes are hosted each month to educate families with knowledge on overall health and management of their money.

To inquire about participation in Community Co-op, contact Cat Knell at (252) 321-6857 x201 or cat@hope-of-glory.org.

Cultivating the restoration of families, finances and futures.

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Donation Pickup Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in donating items to our Community Outlet and scheduling a pickup with us! We are happy to pick up all kinds of larger furniture items, provided they are in good condition, and cannot fit in a car. If you have only smaller items to donate, we ask that you drop those items off at the ministry. To inquire about a pickup, please send an email to donatehogm@gmail.com with all the information listed below:

  • List of items you want to donate, along with their condition.
  • Email photos of all items.

Based on photos, we will notify you if we can take the items or not, and able to move forward with scheduling a pickup. As always, our warehouse staff will have the final say once they arrive and assess the items.

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number

Friendly reminder… The following items are not accepted for donation:

Anything that has to be installed:
• Ceiling fans
• Under cabinet microwave
• In the counter dishwasher
• Light fixtures

• Used mattress & box spring
• Used pillows, including throw pillows
• Used comforters
• Hospital beds
• Sofa bed
• Fabric futon mattress

• Box TVs
• Box TV armoires/consoles
• Projection TVs
• Used computers/printers
• House paint/chemicals
• Pianos/organs
• Encyclopedias

If you should have any questions regarding the items on the list, please contact us.