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What a Year!

The Lord has been faithful in all areas of our ministry by providing the resources, laborers and heart changes needed to empower this generation, and the next. We are confident that by His grace and your generous support, we had much to celebrate this year! Along with these celebrations reflected in our report, it is with much joy that I share with you a change in leadership here at Hope of Glory Ministries.

With the support of an amazing board and staff team, I have passed the baton of the Executive Director position to Cat Knell, our former Assistant Operations Director.

Over the past year, the Lord has been preparing me to “finish the task” at Hope of Glory, and enter into a “new work” of coming home to be with my soon to be three children, as our third is due March 2020. My husband and I are excited to enter this new season together and we thank you for your prayers, support, and encouragement over these last six years.

The Lord has molded and shaped our ministry dramatically over the past few years, and it’s been a joy to be a part of God’s redemptive gospel work. Being an ED of a locally supported nonprofit organization has brought its share of very hard days, and very joyous days. All in all, the Lord has used this time to mold me as a child of God, wife, mother, and leader. I will be forever changed by my experience here!

I am confident under the leadership of Cat Knell that God’s favor will continue over the ministry, and the intentional work of relieving burdens, empowering families, and proclaiming Christ will only strengthen as we continue our work here in Pitt County.


Cat joined our team in 2015 as an intern while finishing her Master’s degree in Public Administration with a concentration in Nonprofit Management. Her internship quickly turned into a part-time then full time position over the next year. Cat became our Assistant Operations Director and has proven to be a tremendous asset to our thrift store and Co-op Program. She has served in each area of the ministry and knows its frame. She loves our city, the people we serve, and most of all, she is a faithful follower of Jesus Christ. She is a gifted and evolving leader who will carry our ministry forward as the Lord has planned.

Please join me in welcoming Cat, and be praying for each of us as we transition into new seasons!

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Mandi Stewart

Board Member

Mandi Stewart was Executive Director from 2011-2020 at Hope of Glory Ministries which empowers families towards spiritual and financial freedom in Christ.  She loves living life with her all so patient husband Jeremy, first born Josiah, and daughter Faith.  One day she hopes to be a professional golfer, but is surrendered to the call of wife, mother and leader in this world as she awaits that glorious day when Christ returns.

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Donation Pickup Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in donating items to our Community Outlet and scheduling a pickup with us! We are happy to pick up all kinds of larger furniture items, provided they are in good condition, and cannot fit in a car. If you have only smaller items to donate, we ask that you drop those items off at the ministry. To inquire about a pickup, please send an email to donatehogm@gmail.com with all the information listed below:

  • List of items you want to donate, along with their condition.
  • Email photos of all items.

Based on photos, we will notify you if we can take the items or not, and able to move forward with scheduling a pickup. As always, our warehouse staff will have the final say once they arrive and assess the items.

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number

Friendly reminder… The following items are not accepted for donation:

Anything that has to be installed:
• Ceiling fans
• Under cabinet microwave
• In the counter dishwasher
• Light fixtures

• Used mattress & box spring
• Used pillows, including throw pillows
• Used comforters
• Hospital beds
• Sofa bed
• Fabric futon mattress

• Box TVs
• Box TV armoires/consoles
• Projection TVs
• Used computers/printers
• House paint/chemicals
• Pianos/organs
• Encyclopedias

If you should have any questions regarding the items on the list, please contact us.