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Purpose for Change:

In efforts to continue to push those we serve towards a self-sustaining lifestyle and empower them to provide for their families, we as a ministry made significant adjustments to our 2015 and 2016 Christmas distribution.  Our heart is to provide a blessing and relieve some of the financial burden, but not take away their blessing and joy of providing gifts for their own families this Christmas.  Therefore, we will have a Christmas Store for families to purchase gifts for their children at a fraction of the cost.

Here are a few ways we will do this:


  1. Collect donations (toys, games, learning tools) from local churches, individuals and groups, based on the wish list.  The wish list is a collection of items requested by each family within a specific dollar range.  We will collect items from Nov. 1st-Dec. 14th, and supplement any item that isn’t received with Christmas donations.
  2. These items will be set up within the Upper Room of our ministry just as if at a retail store.  Each toy will be discounted down 75% based on the retail price.  For example a $10 item will be marked at $2.50.
  3. Each family will have a $20/child limit to spend at our store.  This should provide an opportunity for each child to receive anywhere from 3-8 items depending on preference.
  4. Each family has a pre-assigned 30 minute window to shop. (Large families will be allotted more time)
  5. Each parent will have the privilege to purchase items for their children at a fraction of the cost, empowering them to provide a happy Christmas for their family.
  6. Gift Wrapping will be available free of charge to each family.
  7. Bibles will be given to each family.
  8. Monies spent at the store will be used in our Christmas Fund to replenish purchased items, provide for last minute emergency situations, and help purchase a small gift for each parent.
  • The families participating this year have been served by us on or before Oct. 1st, which gives us insight into their needs through a relationship with them.
  • Children age limit is 16yrs.
  • No Clothing will be requested or donated, except accessories.  If families have this need, we are able to assist them through our Thrift Store.
  • Shopping is invitation only. These are prescreened families served through Hope of Glory Ministries.
A Note To Our Donors
Our heart is to provide a blessing and relieve some of the financial burden for each family, and not take away their blessing of providing gifts for their own families this Christmas.  Therefore, we will not distribute children’s names, but will only make available the collected wish list. Parents will have the opportunity to select and purchase items at their own discretion, and with the care of our volunteers.
As a supporter, we ask that you purchase new items that are on the list in order to properly stock the store.  Any item not properly stocked will be purchased before opening day to offer the best options and quantity to our families.

This year, you will bless a family in such a deep way, as mom and/or dad play a vital role in:

  1. Freely deciding what their child will receive
  2. Being empowered to pay for their own gifts
  3. Experiencing a taste of a self-sustaining life and away from the defeated feeling of “I can’t afford that.”

If you have any questions, please contact Mandi Stewart directly at (252) 321-6857 ext. 201 or mandi@hope-of-glory.org.

Volunteer Opportunites
  • Store set up team on Monday-Wed, Dec. 12th-14th anytime during the day.

  • Store helper on Thursday Dec. 15th from 9-11am, 12pm-2pm, 3pm-5:30pm (5-5:30 includes cleanup).

  • Gift wrapper on Thursday Dec. 15th from 9-11am, 12pm-2pm, 3pm-5pm.

  • Toy replenisher on Thursday Dec. 15th from 11am-12pm, 2pm-3pm.

  • Store helper on back up day: Friday Dec. 16th, from 9am-12pm.  This will also involve the rest of the clean up.

    If you would like to sign up to volunteer, please do so below.

Give to Help a Family

If you would like to give financially to Empower A Family, your gift of $50-$75 will make a joyful Christmas for those we serve. Please put “Empower A Family” in the notes/memo field or you may also mail a check.

Give Now

Donations Needed Before Dec. 14th

  • Toys, Games, Clothing Accessories
  • All Gift Wrapping Items (paper, tape, ribbon, bows, name labels, etc.)
  • Small Adult gifts for Parent goodie bags.  Practical unisex items in multiples of 50 OR multiples of 25 if for both parents together.
  • Small bags to pack goodies in for parents.

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